Bug with pinning objects to pinned objects?

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  • So in the picture to the left, the character is moving left, and the gun pinned to their hands lags behind. In the pic to the right the character is moving right, and the gun is lagging behind and getting hidden behind them.

    The upper body is pinned to the legs, and the gun is pinned to the hands. The upper body doesn't lag at all.

    I don't feel like I'm doing anything wrong. Why is this happening?

  • This is a problem I've encountered as well

    The solution for me has been to pin all pinned objects to one central object instead of creating pin chains. In this case the central object would be your Player object, and you would pin the player bottom, player top, and gun all to it

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  • I guess I can do that if I upload an image of the gun with the same pivot point as the upper body. I was trying to avoid that and just attach the gun to the hand, because the upper body rotates.

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