Bug? enemy sprite is using player sprite code?

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  • I realized yesterday that my "player on landed" code is being applied to my enemy sprites.

    When the player lands on a platform, it creates some particles, but this same code is being used for the enemies too!

    They're 2 different sprites.

    When I disable this event it stops the enemy sprite from creating sprites when it lands on platforms.

    What is going on here?

    It even positions the created objects correctly at the enemy.

    They're part of a family, but I'm not using any family code there.

    I tried recreating this in a fresh project, but the bug doesn't happen: the enemy sprite isn't triggering the "player on landed" code when it lands on the platform after jumping like in my real project.

    Here is the file if you're interested.

    I was going to post it to C3 bugs, but because I can't figure out what's going on, I can't replicate the issue, I'm probably not allowed to post this bug there.

    Thanks for looking! If anyone has any ideas what might be happening in my game, let me know 😊

  • Yep, it looks like a bug and you need to report it. To reproduce it in your demo project, remove Platform behavior from sprite objects and add it to the Creature family.

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  • dop2000 thank you very much for your help! ❤️ I'll report it immediately!

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