Browser shutting down - not enough memory ?

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  • Hi everyone, I was just wondering if anyone else was having a similar situation. I am running into this error pretty consistently. It only started happening a few days ago. I have 16 gigs of RAM on my computer, and I am not doing anything different than I have done in the past. In the debug menu my game is only taking roughly .8 gigs of RAM to run the level I am working on. Any thoughts? Thank you for your time.

  • Are you using Construct 3 or 2? Is it on the browser or downloaded?

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  • Hi pixel,

    I tried both versions, online and not. It is construct three. It’s weird though because construct just sent out a quick update and the six or seven times I’ve loaded the preview since then haven’t had the problem. I’m really hoping the update fixed it, but I would still like to know if it’s an issue on my end. Any suggestions?

  • a good thing to check is how many objects you have in debug - too many monsters spawning? too many bullets flying off the screen and never getting destroyed? some kind of infinite loop that is creating more or something than you expected?

    when you were getting the error, did it happen quickly, or did you have to play for a while? do you have a huge layout, or huge images?

  • Not a clue. Hopefully that update did fix it. I use Chrome and have not experienced this.

  • Without more information, such as a sample project, it's hard to say anything other than maybe your game really did use too much memory.

  • That is the thing, I can’t find any infinite Loop and the debug mode shows that the layout runs at 0.8 gigs of memory. Maybe I am understanding wrong but each layout uses separate memory, correct? If that is so there should be no problem on that front. The error message pops up upon loading the layout. It never comes up after the layout has already loaded.

  • It's possible your game suddenly required loads of memory in an instant, therefore you would observe reasonable measurements before it suddenly ran out of memory. Or it could be a bug. Or something else. As I said, without more information all anyone can do is throw out wild guesses.

  • Thank you for your help Ashley,

    I guess I will work on it today and see if the problem persists and if it does I will upload the game to look at. I just wanted to see if it happened to be a semi-common problem that could be solved quickly, but it seems like something that is more unusual than I expected. Thanks again.

  • If anyone does happen to think of something I could try in the meantime, I would love to hear your ideas. Thank you, everyone!

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