Browser > Close breaks Build APK. What's the alternative?

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  • Good day,

    I have searched everywhere but can't find an alternative to close my Android App build using Phonegap Build.

    The problem is that there is no proper way of closing the application. Browser > Close is not sufficient as it closes only windows. Using this Browser > Close will even break the Android App preventing it from starting resulting in a BLACK screen only.

    Removing Browser > Close from the code will repair the broken application and it will work. But without any means to EXIT the app.

    So now i am left with nothing. My APP can't be closed normally.

    It took me about 12 hours to find out this BUG of the Browser > Close destroying my android build.

    There are other topics and answers about this but they do not solve anything about this problem exporting apps to android ( Play Store )

    Please show me the alternative as I would really like to have EXIT functionality in my App.



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  • Most mobile apps don't provide an exit option. Instead the user uses the system close gesture (e.g. swiping it from the task manager in Android).

    If an action breaks the app please file a bug following all the guidelines.

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