How do I bring a json as table on the screen?

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  • I have a json with an array or keys and values and want to display it as a table. Any suggestion?


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  • You want to show something like that on screen?

    What are the values you want to display? Numbers?

  • It would be a table of 20 rows and a mix of columns with strings and numbers

  • You can loop through each elements of the array and create text objects of the right size at the right place like this for example :

    i'll let you tweek the numbers. You can also add a background to the table, or cell borders, just do it in the loop and set their size just as I set the size of the text objects.

  • Thanks, for the information, You made me thinking into the right direction.

    After a while I decided to script it in javascript instead as an action:

    var json=JSON.parse(runtime.globalVars.ATH_ladder);

    const TextInstance = runtime.objects.ATH_txtResult.getFirstInstance();


    var i,j;

    var x=TextInstance.x;

    var y=TextInstance.y;

    var ti;

    var maxlines=TextInstance.height/20;

    var table_1=0, table_2=0, table_3=0;

    for (i=0, j=0;i<maxlines;i++) {

    if (json.ladder.position.length>table_1)


    if (json.ladder.score.length>table_2)


    if (json.ladder.displayname.length>table_3)




    ti.text="This game: " + json.ladder[0].position + " position. Score: " + json.ladder[0].score;

    for (i=1, j=0;i<maxlines;i++) {


    ti.text=" "+ json.ladder.position;


    ti.text=" " + json.ladder.score;

    ti=runtime.objects.ATH_txtResult.createInstance(0,x+20+((table_2+table_1) *10),y+(j*20));

    ti.text=" "+ json.ladder.displayname;

    ti=runtime.objects.ATH_txtResult.createInstance(0,x+20+((table_3+table_2+table_1) *10),y+(j*20));

    ti.text=" "+;



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