How do break 3 blocks of the same colour when hit?

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  • I'm struggling with this, it's a game like bubble breaker, when the ball hits three of the same colour I want them to pop. It's fairly straightforward making one ball pop. Anyone know what I can do?

    Thanks for help, I've been at this for hours.

  • Have you tried looking at the code for Pop Lab? It's on the start page under Game Demos. Not exactly the same game, but when you line up the same colors, they pop.

  • Yeah but it's very confusing. I need something different, so when a block hits another block. Thanks

  • You've described your game with too little detail if you want help like this, the ball has to hit 3 blocks at the same time that are the same colour so it's a huge ball? It bounces to other blocks that are the same colour? It sticks to a block of grouped same colour and they explode if they match? As mentioned above the Pop Lab code will be good to test out the matching behaviour.

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  • Agree. It's always hard to find exact examples of what you're looking for. I've often found pieces of related solutions that I extract, configure, and make it my own. The matching logic should exist in the Pop Lab. How you want to trigger the removal of blocks could be handled different kinds of ways.

    Good luck!

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