How do I see the bottom of the browser?

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  • This is weird. Construct 3 crashed on big deal I just closed my browser opened it back up and went back into my project. Since then it looks like the horizontal scroll bar and tabs for layers, tilemap, etc are mostly off the bottom of my browser such that I can't see the scrollbar anymore and can just get access to the tabs for layers, etc. I've tried closing the browser, resizing it and rebooting and opening the project and still no luck. This behaviour seems to carry over to any project I open.

    Edit: I'm using google chrome and I just tried MS Edge and that works fine so obviously an issue with the browser.

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  • Have you tried dragging and re-docking all bars in the window? Grab a bar, drag and drop it into a blue square. You can do the same with the main area, where event sheets and layouts are shown.

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