How do I boost my attack? :D

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  • Hello everyone! I'm new on construct 2 and I'm trying to create a game but I have an problem/question...

    How do I boost my attack?

    Ex: my character pick souls and souls modify my character attacks. He has +3 on attack but when he picks a soul I want him to have +1(4 attack) and so on...

    Anyone has any ideas how to make it? I appreciate the help <3!

    (My english is bad/weird sorry for it, first time typing without any software help :s).

  • You have a global variable for attack damage and when you pick up a soul you add 1 to the same global variable. So it could start as 3, when you pick up an object it becomes 4.

  • Thanks :D!

    My problem now is creating a limit to the "objetcs" my char can spawn...

    He is a "ninja" and shoot shurikens, but I want him to shoot only 5 shurikens with 2 seconds of diference between they and, every 3 seconds he recover 1 shuriken (I alredy made this in Bold)... anybody know how to make it?

    Ex: he has 5 shurikens, and can only shoot them in intervals between 2s and with the limit of 5 shurikens.

    So when the 5 shurikens end he has to wait 3 seconds to shoot again 1 shuriken and so on...

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  • Add timer behaviour to player object.

    Have a global variable for shuriken ammo that starts at 5 and reduces as you use them. For shuriken reload you can say if ammo less than 5, start "timer" for 3 seconds, on "timer" completed add 1 to shuriken ammo. So if shurikens are not full it will keep adding more ammo until max is reached.

    For shuriken fire have a global bool variable that is set to true by default, which means you can fire a shuriken. You can say on shuriken fired (button pressed), start "timer" for 2 seconds, and set bool to false. Then say on "timer" completed, set bool to true. This locks out firing of shuriken for 2 seconds.

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