How do I make the blue soul work?

  • So I am working on an Undertale AU and I am having trouble with the blue soul because in Undertale, you can't just hold the jump button and stay on the top, and I can't figure out how to fix mine since if I just hold the w key, I can just hang on the roof, so I need help so that you can't just spam the w key.

    I also can't seem to figure out how to post the code so you can look and when I drag the screenshots, it just shows the screen shot and nothing else, not even the send option.

  • Please describe the mechanic as if someone hasn't played Undertale

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  • Basically I want it so that if you press the w key, which makes you go up, your character goes up, but I also don't want it to continue going up, so I want it to be like if you threw a ball in the air, it slows down as it goes higher and it will eventually go down. So I want it to go down once the character hits the roof of the box it is in, even if you are holding down the w key, and I also want it so that if you stop for a bit and then press the w key you will NOT go higher until you hit the ground. But how it is right now, you could just hold down the w key and it will not start to fall until you let go.

  • The logic that forces it to go up when you hold down W, have it happen only when a variable is true. Set this variable to false when you hit the top. When the variable is set to false have it move down.

  • Thank you, you saved me a bunch of time and now I discovered new techniques that will solve some problems that have been bugging me

  • Nice, glad it's resolved

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