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  • Hey guys, Ive been using construct for a while now, and im interested in trying a new kind of project. Does anyone know if it would be possible using the built in functions etc to make an app that pulls blog posts and podcast files from a dropbox folder? Ive been tinkering around with the idea, and looking for ways to do it as Im sure its possible, but I havent got it up and working yet. Thanks for any help!

  • Dropbox? No.

    You would need your own server, or a less restrictive host like Github perhaps.

  • Cool thanks. So you think it would be possible using construct 3? I could solve the server/host issues and skip the dropbox part. But Im still looking into how it work with C3.

    Thanks again!

  • It's the service that's restrictive, not the tool.

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  • Sounds like you basically want a static host for your blog posts and files. There are plenty of providers for this, I'd encourage you to look somewhere other than Dropbox though. They are a service for keeping documents on the cloud with access for specific users, not a static web host. On a slight tangent this reddit post about misusing Dropbox might interest you.

    You can use the AJAX plugin to request files from a server easily enough. You should be aware that unless the server is set up with the correct "access-allow-origin" header you will not be able to request files from it if your web app is running on a different domain. For instance if you had web app on and the files on, then will need to add the header "access-allow-origin:" to all requests it serves. This can of course be solved by keeping the app and the data on the same domain.

    GitHub pages is an example of a free hosting provider which could allow you to implement something like this, I don't think they offer configuration for HTTP headers so you would have to host the data and the app on the same domain.

    Another option is AWS. The service itself is quite complex to find your way around, but last I checked there was a quick setup button on the AWS console homepage for creating a static web pages using S3, CloudFront and Route 53 ( storage buckets, CDN routing and domain name services ). On AWS you pay for usage, not a flat fee. For a low traffic site your probably looking at less than £1 a months for hosting and £8 a year for your domain name.

    I've heard netlify is also quite good, and easy to set up. But I don't have any experience with them.

  • Awesome guys, thanks! Ill give it a go and see what I can figure out. Thanks for all the help.

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