Block when specific frame is playing?

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  • I have included the screenshot, but this just plain doesn't work. I want it to be that if the player presses the block button "A" when the enemy's Attack animation is 3 or above and the red circle is overlapping the player, it will trigger a successful block and add to a special meter. If the block happens outside of that frame, the player will take damage. But dang it, it just doesn't work. What should I do differently?

  • Hard to say

    Add the Browser object to your game and use the "Log" action

    Seperate the overlap and animation conditions in to subevents, and give each one a log "Overlapping succeeded", "Animation Attack was playing", "Animation frame was above or equal to three"

    Then run your game and press F12, and click "Console" to see the log outputs

    This will tell you exactly which conditions are succeeding and which are not

  • I suspect the reason is the "held together by duct tape" finite state machine I have going on. I'm sure the eventing I've done is interfering. I may just provide the capx and expose my hideous eventing to the world.

  • Okay, I give in. Here's the capx. Someone take a look and tell me how to not break everything and get this stupid block mechanic to work. And yes, it is in C2 runtime. This is a project mostly for my son (and a little for me), so it's not like I'm gonna sell it. Anyway, if someone could help me figure out how to have the player take damage if the block animation isn't playing and receive the bonus for blocking properly, I will be eternally grateful.

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  • I had to raze the whole dang script, but I got it working finally.

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