Big screen game with 10 players on mobile devices??

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  • I want to create a game for an upcoming event that would be shown on a big screen in the event space. Likely running on chrome. It would be great if they could join by scanning a QR code.

    I want people to be able to join in the game on their mobile phones (iPhone and android) but I basically only want them to have a virtual game pad in their phone to control their player on the big screen. The game should not display on the mobile device.

    It would be great to support 10 or more players.

    How can this be accomplished in construct3?

  • With the multiplayer plugin, using the message related actions.

    Your game area would be the host.

    Your clients would be the remote control.

    The remote control would send informations to the host, moving a specific instance around.

  • Is it possible with this approach for the game screen to only be visible on the main host screen, and the players to only see a touch screen game pad on their mobile device? How is this achieved?

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  • In the multiplayer plugin tutorials, linked in the manual article :

    There is the notion of Host and Peer.

    Your "main screen" is the host.

    Any people connecting with their own phone is a Peer.

    Hosts and Peers may display the same layout.

    Nevertheless, thanks to Scroll To or the Scroll system expression/action you may position your camera on the Host to only display the "game area", and on your Peers, you disable the Scroll To of the Character and display a "Control" layer instead.

    Then using messages (part of the Multiplayer plugin) you can have your Peer sending a message to the Host, the Host interprets the message and makes the Character move accordingly.

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