BIG PROBLEM - Links don't work

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  • Hello!

    I manage to make a game that is published on many online gaming sites, but, the links don't work!

    Game: ""

    The links are like this:

    You know why is this happening? And one thing more, I saw that at the start of the game, appears:

    Could you please help me? Thanks!






  • As somebody posted a while ago, browsers will sometimes prevent opening new tabs or windows if you use on object tap or click. Use button object, place it above your link objects, set its opacity to 0, then it will work ( unless a site specifically prevents it from opening links from iFrame or something like that ). Scirra arcade blocks links, seems absurd that they would do that, but they do for some reason.

    As for the other issue ( scirra ad appearing ), I don't know

  • BadMario

    Thanks for your reply. But.. my game was took by many sites from Scirra, and now, my link don't work there.. and the main objective of making games for me is to generate traffic on my site.

    That's too bad that Scirra blocks all the links. It's ok to block on this site, Scirra Arcade, but not for all the sites that take the game from here...

    I hope I can make somethings, because if I can't, I probably never publish another game at Scirra Arcade..

    PS: Thanks for your fast reply and the trick with opacity 0 buttons!!!

  • Scirra doesn't block links on other sites, only on their arcade. The reason you have to use a button is because then it counts as user initiated action, using browser object to automatically open links when clicking other objects/sprites within games is done to prevent games automatically opening new tabs. In other words it seems like clicking on objects other than buttons is like onLayoutStart opening a link, doesn't count as user initiated.

    If other sites iFramed your game from scirra arcade and Scirra arcade blocks links, then maybe they would be blocked on all those sites. Not sure about that one.

    Exporting from Construct 2/3 to scirra arcade may do something to links, again, not sure.

    But yeah, I am not uploading any more games to Scirra arcade because of links being blocked. I don't see the point.

  • Hmm.. I made those changes, but, nothing happened. I updated on Scirra Arcade the game, but the links are still broke on Scirra Arcade and on other sites that took the game from Scirra Arcade.

    PS: I verify the game exported for Scirra Arcade, and if I open the index.html in my browser, it's ok, the links are alive.

  • On Scirra arcade links are blocked no matter what you do, so I know they will not work there. As for sites taking game from Scirra Arcade I guess they are simply linking to your game hosted on Scirra arcade and since it's still on Scirra arcade server, links are blocked.

    It is absurd that they would do this, and they don't seem to want to explain why they block links.

  • I'm not an employee of Scirra, but I can think of a couple of good reasons to block links.

    What about links to malware installing sites?

    This could easily be made using Construct 2/3 and it's then feasible that Scirra servers could then be at risk.

    IMO it's not worth the risk.

  • Yes zenox98, you are right, but I hope they will find a way to solve this in Construct 3. Maybe to let you put a link from another server... like to upload to your servers, and put here the iframe.

  • There is no legit reason to block links. The whole point of these games and internet in general is to link things. When a sponsor pays you $5000+ for exclusive rights to a game they are really paying for those More games links. That is what brings traffic to their sites and makes the investment worthwhile. Without those links the entire casual / browser gaming industry never would have happened. Scirra, Game maker and so on , the whole industry would not exist today without those links.

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  • BadMario, yes, you are right! Can you please visit a site where my game is listed, and tell me if the links work? (the game was take from Scirra Arcade!)




    For me, the links from those sites and more, those who took the game from Scirra Arcade, won't work.

  • they don't work

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