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  • I appreciate it's a big ask, but this is driving me cray and I can't figure it out...

    I've starting to build a game based on the excellent Demonaire example. As this is my first time i've literally started from scratch, copying over sections of code and learning how they work (it's how I learn).

    Basic player movement and attacking is working fine. However I can't for the life of me figure out why the enemies aren't acting as they should.

    For some reason the PlayerAngleDiff and Direction isn't updating constantly. Initially they do to set the animation direction, and they do again after being hit but they don't update on movement.

    I've checked the code against Demonaire and from what I can see it's identical (I even renamed all my elements to match for testing).

    If anyone has a spare moment to take a look to see what i'm missing i'd be hugely grateful.

    Thanks in advance


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