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  • I'm developing a game which I've managed to get working at a better framerate on mobile devices but it's still not as smooth as I'd like.

    I've optimised as much as I can think of, however I've just realised I'm using a loads of sprites with a resolution of 400x400 resized dynamically within the game to around 100x100, would it improve performance if I resized all the PNG files to a lower resolution or would that have no impact?

    I'm a little reluctant to go through the entire project and resize everything if it won't have any impact, plus it would mean I loose quality on high end devices.


  • Check the memory usage in Debug Mode.

    If you change resolution from 400x400 to 100x100, these sprites will use almost 16x times less memory! It may make a big difference on mobile. Also, try different settings for "Max Spritesheet size" in project settings.

  • Thanks for the response, that's a really good point. Currently it's using around 200-300mb in memory when in debug mode. I'm new to mobile game development but that feels like a lot, particularly for a mobile.

    I'll resize everything and let you know if this has made an impact.


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  • Smaller sizes save memory but larger sizes can improve performance.

    Sometimes when i build games for mobile they not running well on some of my computers and when i export to apk they run well and smooth on mobiles..

    So the best to do before start messing with your code or the images just export to apk and test it.

  • Currently it works super smooth on my computer and other computers but when I export to APK and run on a mobile I get inconsistent performance, spikes of really low framerate.

    Sounds like the opposite of your situation, would you recommend smaller image sizes then or would this make things worse?

  • I use 256x256 at my characters and sometimes 512x512 , no problem until now.

    In the last game i upload some stages include over 300 sprites 600x600 and runs smooth, not very but its ok.

    I advise you to make a save of your current project before start to resize your images.

  • I resized all my sprites to a more sensible resolution, turned GPU preference to high, downscaling quality to low and spreadsheet size to max. Tested on a low end device and it's now much more playable. Still not as smooth compared to my PC but it's now playable.

    Thanks for the advice.

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