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  • i have a dmg system that depends on which frame the animation is currently playing. the animation is a ball that grows overtime until i release it twoards my enemy. This ball pulls the enemiy twoards the players X axis. Is there a better system for this?

    the enemy has a stronger velocity then the pull effect so he can stand still by moving the opposite way from the bullet how can i stop that? i want him to get pulled even if hes moving to another direction. but i also want him to be able to control where hes going in air. any suggestions?

    Check the image bellow.

  • You can simplify your events to a single one.

    Set the physics impulse to


    This ensures that the impulse is equal to the frame number, but never drops below 1.

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  • Thanks that helped alot! This will probably make things easier when im making this game to a multiplayer game.

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