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    This is the right forum if you need help using Construct 3. However you can help others help you. Posting a vague question with few details will make it very difficult for anyone else to help. Use these tips to make sure other people can actually help you - and increase the chance you get your problem solved!

    Share your project

    It's difficult to help if you merely describe your project, or even if you post a screenshot of your events. It's much better to share your actual project, which is normally a .c3p file. You can save one from Construct by choosing Menu > Project > Save as > Download a copy. Then you can use a cloud file service like Google Drive, Dropbox or Microsoft OneDrive to host the file for free.

    Don't want to share your entire project? Try making a new project that shows only the problem you're having. You can use dummy graphics so you don't have to share any of your artwork.

    This means anyone who wants to help you can see everything about your project - all the events, the layouts, the project settings, etc. They can also directly make changes and see if they can solve the problem. Then they might even be able to share a fixed project with you! None of this is possible if you only share a description or screenshots - it's much more effective to share the project.

    Be clear and detailed

    It's difficult to help if nobody knows what you mean. If you ask "How do I make a cool enemy?" nobody knows what you really want. If you ask "How do I make a game like Earthworm Jim?", then anyone who hasn't played that game (in this case, released in 1994, before some people were born) won't know what you mean. We're not telepathic! Make sure you are clear and detailed when asking a question, so people can help. If nobody knows what you want then you might not get an answer.

    Be patient

    It will probably take a couple of days for all the regular users to check the forum, especially over weekends and during holidays. If you reply to your own thread after 20 minutes asking for help again, it looks impatient and demanding, which might make others less willing to help you. If you aren't getting any replies, try providing more details and information instead.

    Also, don't expect other people to build your project for you or solve all your hardest problems for you. There are lots of people here who are willing to offer help, but we're here to help make sure you can build your project yourself.

    Look at tutorials and the documentation first

    Try some beginner tutorials, like the Beginner's guide to Construct 3, before you get going. The tutorials answer many common beginner questions and demonstrate how to find many features. If you ask something that's covered by the tutorial or the manual, it will be clear to others that you haven't spent any time looking at the documentation yet, so why should they spend time helping you?

    Try yourself, and share what you tried

    Do have a go at figuring it out for yourself. Then, make sure you include information about what you tried. For example try a few variations on your events, and search the forum for any existing topics that might have dealt with a similar problem. Sharing what you tried and where you looked (including any tutorials or manual entries you referred to) then also indicates to others that you aren't being lazy and have really tried already, and that it's a problem worth solving.

    Be nice and say thank you!

    If someone helps you, it's always nice to say thank you! A lot of people here are volunteers working in their spare time to kindly offer their help. Showing appreciation is always nice, and you might even get more willing help next time!

    Not getting any replies?

    If you're not getting any response to your forum post, try the following:

    1. Check the tutorials and manual.
    2. Share your project file (.c3p)
    3. Improve your description of what's going on or what you need help with, providing more detail.
    4. Explain what you tried already, and where you've looked for information so far.
    5. Go back to trying to figure it out yourself, and share what you learn.
    6. Be patient - give it at least 24 hours if you haven't already.

    In short, help others help you.

    If you figure out the answer yourself, it's helpful to post the solution to your own thread. Then anyone else with the same problem can find the same thread, and then find the solution, rather than a thread that goes nowhere!

    Finally, if someone does help you out, remember to say thank you!

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