best way to handle "save games" for Steam?

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  • hi, I saw another post about mobile, but since I am looking towards Steam I have the same question.

    I have been putting off a save system for a LONG time. My game is pretty and has lots of globals and arrays, DDicts and CSVs - this includes remaps for keys and controllers. I probably have 100 variables (possibly more),5 CSV table and maybe 6-7 arrays.

    I would like the "CONTINUE GAME" style (from the start menu). But I also like how games, when they start, they ask for a save slot. And if I use this approach could I just use System>Save Game?

    While I like this broad stroke approach. What if: Player saves game A, then after starts a new game B - while playing B they discover they would like to remap the "defense" button. So they do this in Setup and continue game B. After they win game B they load up game A and it loads the old mappings. That's no good. So it seems I need a combination save system.

    Any suggestions?

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  • You can mix saving methods if you're careful about it.

    In your example, you can save your settings separately from the game state by writing to localstorage upon applying changes. Then just load those settings after using the system-load action when continuing.

  • oosyrag ahh! restore the full game state, then read from the local storage and overwrite the settings and unlocks. Excellent idea! thanks!

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