Best format/software for displaying advanced 2D animations?

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  • Hello, a little bit of a theoretical question.

    But in regards to this engine what would be the best/optimal way of let us say, displaying a fully animated avatar for a visual novel, (So a fairly high detail sprite to be sure). I have looked at Spriter Pro, but my gripe with that workflow is that it doesn't display the actual content on the scml file. A way around this could be to have a place holder that is then swapped out on the level loading.

    Another route would be a Spine plugin. However, that is very CPU intensive, unlike the Spriter format? (This may be because it is a community plugin,

    And using Video files seems like such a waste in power as well.

    (It would be great if Construct 3 actually developed a more supported solution for advanced 2D animation like YoYo games.)

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  • You could check out Aseprite. You design each frame on there, download them, and import them into a sprite in Construct 3. Be aware that Aseprite costs money. There are also free ones like Graphics Gale if you don't want to spend money.

    I hope this helps,

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