best device to test touch object?

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  • My problem is when i try to preview-test my projects which use the touch object. On a desktop mouse or a touch screen laptop the touch object doesnt respond very well if at all. When i change to mouse object (e.g. tap here set object to mouse.x, rather than touch.x) the response is much better. Even on my phone the mouse object works better even though i am “touching” things (well, scirra arcade through safari on my iphone). But i want to make android platform games for android phones/touch devices. So can i get away with using mouse objects or will i have to ise the touch object for android devices? When i use OR blocks (touch or mouse click) the results of my preview is kinda funky on a desktop. I think the desktop is registering both a touch and mouse click, even though there is no touch interface.

    It would also be interesting to know more behing the touch acceleration feature of the touch object.

    I guess i will test more when i can so i get a definitive answer.

  • I've never had such issues. Have you tried a different browser?

    One possible explanation that comes to mind - you can access Touch properties (X, Y, acceleration, angle etc.) only when the screen is actually in touch. Or if you are using mouse to emulate touch - when the left mouse button is pressed.

    So, for example, this code will not work, because Touch.X,Y will become 0 after the wait:

    On tap gesture -> Wait 0.1 seconds ; Set Sprite position to Touch.X, Touch.Y

    When you are using Mouse plugin, you can track mouse X,Y all the time, no need to press any buttons.

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  • Thats a good tip to kee in mind.

    This thread answered my question. Thanks.

    Probably best to code in input detection method per the examples.

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