What is the best way to make a complex boss type enemy?

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  • I am creating a large boss enemy with different moving parts and attacks, and I currently have a version where I have drawn each arm/leg etc. as a separate sprite, and I'm rotating each sprite based on the image origin point to simulate movement.

    The reason for this is because when the boss's parts hit the player, it sends the player flying (I'm using physics plugin), and I want to make parts fall of the boss. I'm wondering if this is an efficient method, and whether or not I should forget this idea and just use animations for all movements?

  • I once made a giant spider-like boss with two big limbs that were moving and stabbing the player. When killed, that boss fell apart into separate sprites. So it's possible, but depends on how complex your boss is.

    Also, have you seen Spriter plugin?

    https://www.scirra.com/blog/119/spriter ... onstruct-2

    I don't know if it's available for C3 though.

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  • Thanks, I've had a look at the plugins for Construct 3 in the browser IDE but they seem pretty limited, and yours isn't listed unfortunately.

  • Try searching the forum, there are lots of C3 plugins that are not listed in the plugin library.

    There is another similar plugin called Spine:

    https://cdn.rawgit.com/flyover/spine-c2 ... index.html

  • One option is to animate the different parts in a traditional way, and then destroy them and then spawn separate sprites with physics on them. Or have their physics disabled and then enable the physics when they should fall off.

    You don't have to try and do everything all at once with physics and fight with the simulation, etc. Usually simpler stuff is better if it gets you further along.

  • Thanks for the replies, I didn't know you could install extra plugins that were not in the browser IDE I'll check that out. And toggling physics when I need it is a good idea.

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