Best way to build a PWA to offer multiple games through it?

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  • Hi guys,

    I'm looking to do the following:

    Build a Progressive Web App (PWA) that allow players adding it to their mobile homescreen access to multiple different games hosted on the same server.

    Note: All games are "online", as in: after reaching level X, players unlock new content (pictures/music), there's database saves etc.

    According to you, what's the smartest way to achieve something like that?

    I'm looking to answer questions like:

    - Should I use Construct 3 itself to build the "Homepage" (literally the PWA itself)?

    Meaning the homepage is actually a "game" that could then load other Construct games.

    - Should I build a dedicated one-page PWA that include the construct javascript (core) just once + load the game's code+images etc on top of that after a game is picked?

    Kind of an app store per-say, and I'm not sure how to this the right way.


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  • Just go to the new page.

    You can use the Browser plug to do that along with QueryParam to limit url hacking.

    You do not want to do a game in a game.

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