What is the best approach to making a 1pt circle expand beyond the screen?

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  • I tried a few options.. I guess DrawingCanvas is the best looking, but it seems really janky, is there a lot of overhead to spawn these and redraw every frame? I'm looking for efficiency and visually appealing.

    any suggestions?

    I mainly looking to use it for a "visual" fx for sprites in a game. Like for example creating a top-down explosion shockwave, or showing transmission "signals" etc..


  • Drawing a polygon might be a bit less intensive. Of course you would need to figure out how many segments to use to keep it from looking blocky.

  • or you could start with a higher-res circle and a lower starting scale rate...

    I made a 250x250 circle and a 500x500 circle


  • AllanR that's an interesting idea.. how did you figure out the thickness?

    although I guess it doesn't always look like 1 pixel thick. I'm trying to make it look like a pixel art ring, which maybe newt's idea might work there...but you'd keep having to make more and more polygons...

    there's gotta be a good way to "fake" it and still keep it "pixel art"

  • Oh, well you could do the sprite thing with a filled circle, and a separate filled circle growing at 1 pixel less and on top with a blending mode of Destination Out, and the layer "force own texture".

    I think it needs to be on a layer above the bottom one.

    The mask approach.

  • Instead of creating multiple canvas objects could you not just have 1 and just draw all the circles you need on that one object?

  • newt that's a great idea, I guess I could make a force-own-texture-layer that I use just for FX...

    R0J0hound I'm not sure what you mean by 'draw the circles', I think I was doing that with DrawingCanvas? clearing it and redrawing it every tick. It looks like it works, but its not smooth probably because it happens inside a tick and not a constant movement.

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  • the way I made the circles was by using the paint brush tool - I set the brush size to the side of the sprite (250 or 500), put the mouse in the middle and clicked. Then set alpha to 0, made the brush smaller (about 246 and 494 I think), and clicked in the middle again.

    You could make a 1 pixel circle by reducing the brush by only 2 pixels (leaving 1 pixel on each side), but I thought the circles didn't look as solid as the grew larger... for the 500 pixel circle I reduced the opacity as it grew to see how that would look...

  • You can use outer and and a inner circle


  • mrcgkh that's essentially what newt was saying but you would do Dest Out (blendmode) and "Force Own Texture" on the layer.

    but yeah AllanR this might be the best solution..

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