What is the best approach to creating endless runner islands? (Tilemap queries)

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  • Hi all,

    I'm making an endless runner prototype that will feature a number of preset islands/level chunks that I'm planning on spawning. I had originally planned to use large images of each island exported from Photoshop and then optimise with another soution later, but I'm keen to solve this problem now. The runner template uses the Tiled Background plugin, but my islands are going to be a little more designed than these, with different height segments etc. One of them might look something like this: -

    What is the best approach to this? So far, it seems that using a Tilemap to represent each platform would work, and I've loaded in my checkerboard template and used this as my only tile. I can then intuitively draw and test different islands. Am I likely to run into any issues with this approach? I know this isn't necessarily the intended use of the plugin.

    Something I'm not sure about is how to update each of the original island Object types/prefabs when I change some of the tiles around on the stage. If there is no existing instance on the stage, it seems to revert to the original state when I drag a new one onto thestage. With a Sprite, you can double click on the original Object and make changes that affect all other instances, but it seems Tilemaps don't behave in this way?

    Any help is appreciated, and I'm happy to provide any further information if that would be helpful.


  • Check out "Demo D" in this template:


    There is also a free demo and a youtube tutorial explaining how it's done:


    However, the endless runner level is only available in the paid version.

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  • Great, thank you for your help!

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