What are the benefits of using a Spriter?

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  • Hey!

    Now I create frame-by-frame animations in after effects. And I just import them into the engine as a sequence of sprites.

    This approach takes up a lot of space, since such animations weigh a lot.

    I am thinking about starting making animations in Spriter to reduce the weight of the animations. As far as I know, bone animations are used there, which should seem to weigh significantly less than frame-by-frame animations.

    Is it so? Or is the only reason for using Spriter is it's functional as an animation tool?


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  • Hi,

    I haven't tried exactly the After Effects process you are describing but I can tell you the workability once you have Spriter / Construct figured out is awesome. By workability I mean is really easy to go back and make changes and bring them into Construct 3. Also for me changing sprites on the fly and having them follow the same path/animation is great for things like clothing or weapons. Also you can keep adding animations for other actions is a snap and calling them in Construct 3 is easy.

    I haven't experimented with adding sounds and how that imports but that might be an added benefit.

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