How do I make a ball roll down a tile?

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  • Hello, I am having problems with making a ball speedup whilst going down on a slope? I have a tilemap and a ball with physics enable, I have played about with friction and elasticity and gravity, but it docent work.

    Anyone help please?

  • What doesn't work. What have you tried? Can you give a c3p (capx)?

  • The ball sticks to a downward slope. I have tried playing around with gravity , friction, elasticity, angular damping. There are no events, just a ball sprite and a tilemap sloping down buddy. I will take a screenshot when I can. Thanks

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  • The ball sticks to a downward slope.

    Have you changed the collision mask to circle for the ball? Have you altered the collision polygon of the tiles that it resembles a slope?

  • Yeah done both of those things - no joy. Still cant do it?

  • Works for me:

  • Hi Buddy, I appreciate the help. That does work and I tried it and it works great. However after loads of trial and error i realised that it wont work if you have a platform behaviour on the ball. I need this so the player can move the ball and to adjust the speed)

    The gravity is automatically set to 1500 on the platform behaviour so the ball kinda just gets stuck. Changing the gravity to 0 and the ball rolls again, but then if you try to jump the ball it floats away. I have tried a few events disabling the gravity but its not working, this is proving to be quite difficult.

    Thanks again buddy, I appreciate your help.

  • .. it wont work if you have a platform behaviour on the ball...

    I think mixing Platformer behavior and Physics behavior in 1 object is difficult

    I just hope who from official Construct/Scirra will post some more advance example in Editor start page and some interesting template "player mechanic" like sliding snowball/ice skating in curved surface, instead of just show the basic use of platformer/car/physics/8direction behavior

    I dont know if this could answer what you need..

    here .c3p

  • Hi man,

    I really appreciate all the effort you have put in helping me. I see what you have done and why it works. Its a good resolve. I know what you mean about the two behaviours, and I hope a tutorial gets made about slopes. (I am sure you could make an awesome tutorial)

    Thanks buddy.

    I will send a link to the game when its done :-)

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