Is there away to open a project at the correct size?

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  • This is just bothersome more than anything else.

    When I'm creating a project with many layouts (levels), each time I open a layout in C3, the layout is scrolled up in size and I have to scroll it down in size so I can see the entire project. Which doesn't seem like a big deal unless you suddenly realize that you forget to do something and you need to edit the last 10 or 15 levels.

    Yes, I know it's just ctrl+scroll, but it's every single layout.

    Many times I open the layouts 20 at a time to make sure I didn't accidentally change something that made all the levels go screwy. I then have to scroll them down to size one at a time, check all those levels, then close them all and do the same to the next 20.

    Most of my projects are the size of the view screen, so it's not like C3 is giving me the view screen size and I can't see the rest. When the layouts open C3 shows me the top left corner. I don't see a point to that.

    Am I missing a silly setting? Something like when opening a layout show X amount of the layout.

    1 is what it looks like when I open a layout (level).

    2 is what would be nice if it showed when I open the layout, instead of it just showing me the top left hand corner.

  • I dunno if it's just me but this seems like a very trivial problem

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  • ,

    That's why I'm asking if there is a setting. I don't want to edit 60 levels tomorrow with the same issue if there is a simple setting I just don't know about.

    I opened 20 levels today to edit every one of them and it would have been much easier if they would have opened to fit the screen and not opened to only show the upper left corner.

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