Avoid two finger sliding on iframe window?

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  • Hello there!

    Ive a question about iframe scrolling. In my game - i use them to show up websites with informations. But the weird thing is: Some times i can scroll inside this iframe with one finger but than i need to use two fingers.

    The i frames change, when the user calls differend sections - this problem appears, when i open differend iframes in the same scene - i recognized, that every time i return or load the menu (where the iframes are embedded) i can scroll inside them with one finger - after switching them - you need to touch with two fingers to scroll.

    Has someone an idea how to fix this? Or where i would have to pay attention on? Note: I Build the apps with cordova for android and ios. So my target platforms is mobile.

    Do i have to set something up in the index.html file or in the app.xml file?

    Thank you very much!



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