How do I avoid top-down collisions?

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  • Hi,

    thought c3 can handle this like unity to avoid each other while movement item inside a family.

    the best solution still seems to be the chipmunk addon.

    Other ideas instead of a ground grid with dynamic solid behaviour over which the objects move and switch the tile to be blocked / unblocked?

    Thank you!

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  • Hi there, my suggestion is since is a top down, and you have a solid behavior ground, and you want to walk on it without getting stuck, id just give the player Z elevation higher than the ground.. and basically if Z elevation is not the same as the ground disable the collision ? but then would you fall through it? im a bit confused how you setup ur obstacle ... but im guessing making use of Z elevation could do the trick.

    don't have a example at the moment, cause i didn't really understood the problem. need visual que

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