Avoid involuntary grab ledges behavior

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  • Hey there!

    I have a Sprite with behavior Platform and another one with behaviour Solid set.

    I don't understand why the Sprite with behavior Platform sometimes sticks to the left or right side of my Solid one (it's a square). Is this a default thing with Platform behavior?

    I would like to fix this, if the Platform sprite is in collision with the left/right part of the Solid should fall instead of sticking.

    Does somebody have any advice here?


  • It's probably because your sprite that has platform behaviour have more than one frame on its animation and each frame has its own collision points, so when it changes between the frames it gets stuck.

    I would suggest:

    Remove colision from this sprite.

    Create a new sprite and pin it to the sprite that has platform behaviour, just to handle the colision and use it with just one frame.

  • ah damn, now it's clear why this is happening!

    yes, I'll remove the collision from the Sprite and just keep them on the Sprite that works as Playerhitbox.

    Thanks for the help klabundee

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  • Also helped a lot to improve by setting the Playerhitbox with a square instead of an unusual shape!

  • Glad that it helped.

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