How do I get an average value or a sum total value of every picked object's local variable?

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  • Example :

    Multiple enemies are damaging a wall and they have different damage values as fast as the project is selecting more than one enemy , the damage values are absolutely not what they should be.

    is there an expression for that or any workaround?

  • Just to make sure its clear what my problem is :

    Lets just say there are 3 enemies , enemy1,enemy2,enemy3.

    enemy1 does 4 units of damage to the wall per second , enemy2 does 1/sec , enemy3 does 2/sec

    now if I use my closest to working method of just using overlap detection with a few pixel of outer boundary added to said enemies , with PickedCount * Enemy.DMG , then the game is just gonna multiply the first attacking enemies damage with how much enemies are currently attacking , so if all three enemies are damaging the wall this would result in 12 dmg/sec , while what I need is 4+1+2 = 7dmg/sec

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  • I think the only option is to loop through all instances with "For each":

    local variable averageDamage=0
    local variable sumDamage=0
    Enemy isAttacking=true
    	For each Enemy : add Enemy.dmg to sumDamage
     Set averageDamage to (sumDamage/Enemy.pickedCount)
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