How do I autotile at runtime?

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  • Anyone know how to do this? I'd have thought it would be built into Construct already.

    I know there's a plugin that is said to do this... but IMO it's not very good/useful. Even in their example, if you have a precreated tilemap, then edit it in realtime, it DESTROYS your previous work.

    The plugin is old, so there's a chance Scirra have added in this somewhere, and I'm just not spotting it.

  • Here's an example of autotiling via events I made when C3 first came out. Looks like it still works.

    There are 2 examples, top down and side view, and each one has a single event version (less readable) and a multiple event version. The side view example auto-tiles the 4 directly adjacent tiles, while the top down example includes the diagonals as well.

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  • There is a relatively new Tilemap action, called "Set tile with brush" which basically does the same as the editor.

    The action just needs the coordinates and a brush to be set in the editor.

    This is a very simple example on how to use it to set a patch of 3x3. Try it out with the pre-configured brushes for the default tile set.

    + Mouse: On Left button Clicked
    ----+ System: For "x" from 0 to 2
    --------+ System: For "y" from 0 to 2
    ---------> Tilemap: Set tile (LoopIndex("x") + Mouse.X ÷ 32, LoopIndex("y") + Mouse.Y ÷ 32) with brush Brush 1
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