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  • Hello

    I have a problem with autojoin into a room.

    This happens: in one screen I check that the players have the possibility to access the room, that is that there are places available. (4)

    If the check is successful, I get the player out of the room and log out of the signaling and so a "connect" button appears that sends it to the game screen where it connects to the signaling and the room again.

    The first three users enter the fourth no, probably find the room locked. But if I made a leave the room a little while ago and logout, how is it possible that you still count 4 players and don't unlock the room?

    Is there a way to loosen the room? You have other suggestions

    Thank you


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  • There is an option in the join room action that lets you lock when full. Disable that.

    Also there is no reason to disconnect from the signalling server. You can leave a room and join another room without disconnecting from the signalling server.

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