How do I Authenticate?

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  • So I am trying to finish completing the tasks to allow in game purchases for my Construct 3 game I have on Kongregate. One task is Authentication, there is a copy paste of the requirement directly from Kongregate on the bottom of this post.

    Not sure where to start on this one at all. Looking for any videos or forum links to even get me started.

    At this point I have Cached game saves. My game will recognize if a user is a guest and request they log in but that is as far as that goes.

    Any info at all is greatly appreciated!!!

    Kongregate Requirement:


    The game correctly identifies a user.

    If the user logs out and logs in as a different user, the game correctly switches over to the new user. (You can contact us to add permission for multiple users to access the test version of your game: just tell us which usernames you wish to have access.)

    The game protects against hacking by manipulation of the authentication URL.

    This one is a little more complicated, but basically we want to make sure that you’re protecting against hack attempts by changing the authentication URL parameters. As long as you’re using the full authentication API and not just reading and trusting the userID passed in via the URL, you should be fine.

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