How do I Audio Seek?

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  • I'm trying to make music fade in at random parts of a track.

    I have in Start of Layout Event:

    Audio Play "tag" at volume -100 looping
    Audio Seek To random(Audio.Duration("tag"))
    Audio Fade to 0 over 3 seconds, then keep playing

    but the music always starts at the beginning, it won't seek. What am I doing wrong?

    EDIT: I put the Seek in a Keyboard Press 1 Event and it worked, so I put in Trigger Once Event and it did NOT work.

    Is this a thing where it requires a user action? if so, how do I get around it? You should be able to automatically start a music loop at random points...right?


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  • I figured a work around. You need to put a wait after the initial play action. And it can't be a Wait 0. You have to wait at least 1 second (I think). No idea why it needs that.. maybe it has to cue up the file before you can seek? Makes for a little clugey coding but it works. Just another lovely undocumented feature... :)

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