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  • I made some changes to my project recently and it seems the audio's not working the way it was before. It may be a browser issue and/or I'm not remembering things correctly, but I want to make sure I'm avoiding any future issues. Here's what's happening:

    • Action: I press F5 in the c3 editor to preview layout
    • Result: audio works as expected
    • Action 2: Without interacting with the preview window / browser in any way, I press F5 to reload the preview window (preview window is the window with focus, not the c3 editor)
    • Result: audio is muted until I interact with the window, at which point it sounds like the audio's trying to 'catch up' (plays sounds that should have occurred a few moments before

    Does this sound normal, and is there anything I can do in the code to make the audio always work in the preview window?


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