Audio in HTML5 game not playing on IOS12 - help!

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  • I'm developing a slot machine game, based on a template that I purchased (though at this point it's 80% original). However, I'm running into an issue with audio (sound effect) playback when viewed in a browser on IOS devices. In my version, they just don't play. Construct has converted the files to webm.

    However, when I try the original template, they do work. The difference is that it is a Construct 2 file brought into Construct 3, and there are .m4a versions of the audio (which get exported with the game).

    From what I've observed, this issue is only affecting devices with IOS 12 (though I only have 2 devices to test on, one with 11 and one with 12). The old template (that included m4a versions) does work on IOS 12.

    Is this I known issue, and if so what would a workaround be? Is there a way to force IOS browsers to use an .m4a version? (I've tried including as an external file). Is the current Opus audio decoding code not compatible with IOS 12?

    I have tried using both the latest stable and beta versions, as well as the Construct 2 and 3 runtimes.

    I have tried creating a simple file where a sound should play when a button is clicked, and the same things happens.

  • Are you sure you got this the right way round? There is a known issue on iOS 11 that prevents WebM playback (due to a bug in Safari), but it's fixed in iOS 12 so should work fine. If you can't get WebM to play on iOS 12, please file a bug following all the guidelines.

  • It's strange, but I am positive. Importing the sounds normally, they work fine on my iPad Pro running ios 11, but not on my iPhone SE running ios 12. Using an older game file, which bundles .m4a sounds into the export, it does work on the ios 12 iPhone. I have submitted a bug report.

  • I am noticing similar problems.

  • Ive got the same problem... Android is fine, desktop is fine, iOS nothing.. If i use preview then all is good on iOS though. (this is via HTML5) anyone had any luck? (And yes its started from an Touch / On Tap event ;)

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  • Fixed it here.. I had to import as .wave format, it then converted to webm which works on iOS. I presume its to do with mime types but it looks like everything was setup ok. At least this works

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