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  • Hello,

    I have a few questions about audio in Construct 3 and questions about audio in game design in general.

    I've been having trouble keeping audio volume consistent throughout my project. My friend who made the game's music created the songs at different volumes and now I am beginning to add sound effects, which were made by different people, and are all at different volumes.

    I know that you can set the volume of a sound effect in decibels when it's triggered, but it never seemed like it did much. I just tested it now with the same sound, and triggered it two separate ways with one at 50 decibels and one at 0 and there didn't seem to be any difference. Maybe I am just missing something and doing it completely wrong.

    I guess in general I am wondering how you all keep audio volumes consistent in your projects. Do you manage the volume audio in Construct 3, or do you use external programs to make sure all of the audio is at a consistent level before importing it into Construct 3? I know some games implement audio sliders and some don't. For games that do not have audio sliders, what is a good volume for the game to be so that it is best adjustable through the computers audio controls, if that makes sense?

    Thanks, I appreciate the help.



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  • The main thing to note is that sounds play at maximum volume. You can only turn the sounds *down*. So use -50, to alter the volume. 0 is the maximum volume.

  • Gotcha. Okay, thanks.

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