How do I attribute mechanics?

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  • Hello everyone.

    I'm making a turn-based game where items, weapons, potions can positively or negatively cause a player's attribute.

    So, for example:

    Amulet: +2 STRENGTH and -1 INTELLIGENCE for 2 turns

    Sword: +1 STRENGTH for 10 turns

    Potion: +1 STRENGTH for 3 turns

    That is, these elements can increase and decrease the player's attributes for a certain time (turns).

    But I don't know how to make these calculations.

    I thought of making an array for each attribute:



    and any input matrix are added to the attribute:

    matrix_strength atX [0] = 2 <(would be the same as +1 strength for 2 turns)

    matrix_strength atX [1] = 3 <(would be the same as +1 strength for 3 turns)

    matrix_strength atX [2] = 2 <(would be the same as +1 strength for 2 turns)

    But then I would have a problem because I can only add, I would have to have another array_force only for negative values...

    Cut me a little tricky... do you guys have any tips on how to do this smarter?

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  • You could use one array with the relevant info in columns.

    Using your items as an example it could look like this :

    (add/subtract) / (value) / (buff) / (turns)

    + / 2 / str / 2

    - / 1 / int / 2

    + / 1 / str / 10

    + / 1 / str / 3

    And you run through it like for each row,

    if y2 = str, if y0 = + then strength(variable)+y1, if y0= - then strength(var)-y1

    if y2 = int, if y0 = + then int(var)+y1, if y0 = - then int(var)-y1

    and so on.

    Then after applying the buffs you subtract 1 from y3 for each row.

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