How do I attack (animation) while moving?

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  • Okay, So I'm super new to Construct. I've used similar engines in the past but this is stumping me.

    I got this nice animation from the asset store for a ninja who as a single sprite has the animations to attack, attack while moving and attack while mid-air.

    I can easily do a regular idle attack but attacking while moving isn't working, or it is as I can see the animation being in its first frame, but it seems like its going back to the regular run animation cycle.

    I can't seem to figure out how to solve this and any tutorial I've looked for hasn't given a solution.

    I'm using a gamepad which may or may not complicate things, any advice or tips would be appreciated!

  • Hello! This is a very common issue that new users come across and it's because you have multiple events true at the same time for playing an animation so the character will seem to freeze as it tries to play run and attack at the same time.

    You have to limit when certain animations are true, so for the 'move' animation you would add a condition 'is not playing attack' or something similar. This means it tries to play move animation only when you are moving the character but not attacking. Whenever you see the freezing issue just check your events and make sure that it won't try and play two animations at once.

    For new users it is easy to think that the attack animation will just override the moving animation but this isn't true because events are running constantly, you have to make sure move animation will not play while attacking, same with jump.

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  • Thanks a bunch! I figured that was the case, I didn't put it together in my head how to solve it though and now I do! Again thank you so much!

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