How can I assign objects X and Y value to variables at the beginning of layout?

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  • Hi all,

    I have a door which has position of X and Y and need these values to be stored as variables at the beginning of the layout so I can return the object to its initial position when moved - in other words, I need to remember the position so I can return it there when I need. I did:

    local variable objectXvalue=0

    local variable objectYvalue=0

    then I created event:

    system -> set value -> set objectXvalue to object.X

    same with Y value. But nothing happens. When I return it to initial position it returns to x=0, y=0 (as set at the beginning of the layout). Seems like it is not assigning the value of object.X and object.Y to variables.

    Any idea how to solve it?


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  • Local variables are reset at the end of each tick, unless you set them as static.

    In your case it's better to use instance variables on the door sprite. Instance variables are not reset and each instance (each door) will have its own values.

  • Oh, I did not know this,that is very useful information, thanks.

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