assign movements to the gamepad(noob question)

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  • Hello guys:

    I'm trying to assing movements to the Microsoft Xbox gamepad with this code:

    gamepad 0  left analog x axis>0 
                                                              simulate platform pressing right
                                                              set not mirrored
                                                              set Inst var player_state_walk
    gamepad 0  left analog x axis<0 
                                                              simulate platform pressing left
                                                              set mirrored
                                                              set Inst var player_state_walk[/code:1ffhx7zi]
    But it doesn't seem to work.
    Does anyone know what i'm doing wrong?
    Thanks for your help.
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  • [quote Hope you find any of this useful. Thank for your response Eydi av Hamri I'll try to do it again and if i find the same problem I will use yours and the I will reply here again for you to know. Thanks a lot!
  • Don't worry about it being a noob question. You could do worse

    For unknow reason i started the tutorial from 0 and now works I'm not sure if it's what i did or the beta because this morning i add a variable in the properties and didn't appeared in the set value coding but when i right click in the family the instance variable is avaiable for coding....very weird.

    Thanks for your help!

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