How do I make an arrow determine where a sprite goes?

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  • Basically for the adaptation soul, I want it to be like a portal gun, though I'll work on the whole portal part of it later. For now I am trying to make it so that once the arrow stops, it makes the burrow entrance go directly to the closest wall and rotate itself based on which wall it is on. The biggest problem is how to tell the system if the arrow is "pointing" at something or not.

    Thanks in advance!

    Also, I don't know how to share the project and I don't know if what I did worked or not, so if you can't access the file please tell me how to put the project on here.

    Snubs Fight (6).c3p

    Snubs Fight (6)

  • I didnt understand what you need see if any example can help you or try to post an example

  • Basically I made it so that the arrow orbits around the soul and when I press z it makes the arrow stop, what I am having trouble with is making it so that when the arrow stops, it makes the burrow entrance stick to the wall it is pointing at and at that specific point the arrow is pointing

    In the image I gave the arrow the turret behavior because I was seeing if it could maybe see the wall and know what area to put it in, I know I am probably not making sense but I don't know how to describe it. If you want I could try to share my project so you have a better idea about the code but I am having difficulties trying to make a copy of the project and put it on the post

    This is what happens so far, so it does go on the wall but not the one I want, I want it so the burrow goes to the wall that the arrow is pointing at, the problem is I don't know how to tell the system when the arrow is "pointing" at something

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  • To make it easier in the future, can you guys also tell me how to copy and paste the project onto here? I have tried many things like copying the URL, opening the file and try to copy and paste it in here, open the file and drag it in here (which said that it automatically blocks downloads from this sight and even when I turn it off, it still won't let me do so, probably because I am on a school computer), and I have tried to do what Ashley told us to do on the "how to get help" post, but again since I am on a school computer I can only share the project on google drive to my school.

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