How do I Get Array to work after Restart Layout?

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  • i there C3'ers,

    Creating a simple random quiz-like C3 project.

    General description is press button you get random question, until all questions completed.

    If you get a good score move to next layout/round 2...if not try round 1 again.

    Questions are stored as String Variables in a desriptionarray but randomized in another indexarray and deleted once selected by the randomizer.

    Problem when I restart layout using a button the index array is empty and nothing really works.

    I have tried Resetting Global, Reset Persisted objects, etc...seems the only way i get it to really reload is to use a Browser Reload which I do not want to use...

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  • Well,

    C3 forum must be teaching me something..:-)

    I was able to get this to work by adding:

    IndexArray ----Set size to ( 5,1,1) after reload button was clicked:

    Thanks for looking. :)

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