How do I use an array to spawn specific objects

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  • Hello! I am having a slight issue(duh). Sooooooo in a game I'm making I'm using an array to spawn objects at certain times. It has 2 columns. The first specifies what tick to spawn the object, and the second one specifies what object to spawn. The problem is that the first one in the array spawns at the right time, but every other object spawns a tick after that and each other. The correct objects ARE being spawned. how do I prevent all of the objects from spawning together?


  • A tick is 1/60th of a second so if it was 1/60th of a second later for each object I'm not sure how you were hoping to see this with the naked eye? :) Maybe you meant every second? If you create all objects every tick, even though events run in order from top to bottom the objects will still appear to spawn together.

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  • I'm not trying to spawn them every tick. I'm trying to make a guitar hero clone, where the notes move down 3 pixels every tick. I'll share the project file. When the layout starts it sets the array with the note type ( 0-4 = green-orange ) and tick when they spawn. I have a free account, and I could cram now to fill the array, but I don't have the time. the notes line up with the song. I am working on ripping the assets and getting it looking good. The first notes spawns fine, but after than they bunch up.

    how to play.

    a = green

    s = red

    d = yellow

    f = blue

    g = orange

    hold the corresponding color and hit on the the arrow keys to "strum".

    Thanks for trying to help!

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