how do i use Array load from json string? why always empty?

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  • json:

    [{"contextid": "1321313", "photo": "sadasdsadadsad"},{"contextid": "1321313", "photo": "sadasdsadadsad"},{"contextid": "1321313", "photo": "sadasdsadadsad"},{"contextid": "1321313", "photo": "sadasdsadadsad"},{"contextid": "1321313", "photo": "sadasdsadadsad"},{"contextid": "1321313", "photo": "sadasdsadadsad"},{"contextid": "1321313", "photo": "sadasdsadadsad"},{"contextid": "1321313", "photo": "sadasdsadadsad"},{"contextid": "1321313", "photo": "sadasdsadadsad"},{"contextid": "1321313", "photo": "sadasdsadadsad"}]

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  • It only accepts a paticular Json form for it to load.

    You can see the format by setting a text box to array.asJSON.

    If you need to read any json value the use one of the plugins made for json or use some js from the browser object

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