Array as a function parameter

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  • Which release are you using? This action was introduced in R149.

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  • I had r148 stable, now I ran r154 beta.

    Unfortunately, no matter where I place this new action, the effect is unchanged.

  • As stated earlier, place "wait for previous action to complete" below "wait int(tokenat(room.short_desc,loopindex*2,";")) seconds"

    Works fine for me.

  • Thanks! But this arrangement does not work properly.

    It reads all phrases, but does not take any breaks.

    Does your Construct do pauses in this order of action?

  • Check this:

    My initial reasoning was wrong. In a weak moment, I got tricked by the speechsynthesis plugin as it seems to queue texts to synthesize on it's own.

    Edit: On a side note, if you want steady pauses between each sentence, you have to factor in the length of the text / duration to speak.

    There is a condition on SpeechSynthesis "on speech ended" that you could utilize and wait from there.

  • Thanks!

    Yes, I wanted to use "on speech ended" before, but this condition is strange. Very very :-) It does not want to be added to the function. On my screenshot you can see where I can put this. Now it is turned off.

    Solution I find is to make a loop based on the function with own counter. And it works fine :-)

    Anyway, huge big great mega thanks to you both: Colonel Justice and Plinkie!

    I would not have a working mechanism without your help.

  • You're welcome.

    Unfortunately you can't have "on speech ended" inside a function as it is a triggered condition.

    Functions are in some way also a triggered condition, namely when the function is called.

    Since the code runs sequentially, one can't have two conditional triggers at the same time.

    Per se you can only have one condition trigger (green arrow indication) in a condition block and its sub events.

    To utilize "on speech ended" then, your approach has to be changed in a certain way.

  • To utilize "on speech ended" then, your approach has to be changed in a certain way.

    oh! And could you please guide me how to do it? Any hint?

    In my game in large part, I rely on the speech synthesis and various types of sounds. Therefore, a good understanding of what and how I can do with audio and speech in Construct is the basis for me.

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