How do I arrange an array of sprites?

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  • When I first saw the tilemap object I did not understand how it works, other than that it has a number of tiles with an index running down horizontally. Taht gave me the idea of using the tile numbers to position some sprites on top of a transparent tile map, hoping the tiles would stretch when I scale the object, similar to an html table.

    Is there a similar feature for creating evenly spaced content that might need to fit different scales?

    What is your favourite approach for this?

  • No, tilemap object will not stretch like that.

    If your array of sprites is not very big, you can use an invisible placeholder sprite with image points defined on it. For example:

    On start of layout:
    For "n" from 1 to 10
     Placeholder spawn Sprite at image point (loopindex)
     Sprite Pin to Placeholder

    This way if you resize or move the placeholder sprite, other sprites will move accordingly.

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  • Thank you, dop2000, that's a great idea!

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