How to approach use created object from custom ?

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  • Hi Everyone,

    please I created object using system, because I call it dynamicaly by string.

    But now I would like to change created object's behavior or other properties. Please how do I do this? How do I approach to this object?

    Thank you very much.

  • Or at least how do I pick this kind of created object which was created dynamicaly by inputting the name from string?

    Thank you

  • One way to do this is to add all such objects into a family. Then, after you created an object, add a sub-event "System Pick last created Family". In this sub-event you can change properties of the newly created instance, for example "Family set angle to 90"

    If you need to change behaviors or instance variables, you will need to define them on the family.

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  • Yes I was trying to do it this way, but I create various objects from various families and they have different behaviors and properties.

    Isn't there really other way to pick or change directly this kind of object? :(

  • You still can add these objects into another family (one object can be a member of multiple families). But of course, you will not be able to access behavior properties if they are defined in different family.

    Maybe you can use "On created" event for each family to set some properties.

  • Thank you Dop2000, I put it to another family and I used Pick last created family object. This works for me although I think it is not super clean solution. Much better it was if there is some system approach to custom dynamic object from string. Thank you again.

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