How do I apply the same column sizes to multiple event sheets?

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  • Is there a way to apply the same column sizes to multiple/all event sheets in my project?

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  • pandabear7413

    Do you mean the actual event sheet where you write the code?

    Or do you mean how do you make all columns in your game the same size using different event sheets?

  • To use your screenshot: if I move the column separator you highlighted right 100 pixels in an event sheet, I want that separator to be moved to the same x-value in all the other event sheets. Right now, if I move a separator in an event sheet, it doesn't adjust that same separator in the other event sheets. Hope that makes sense...?

  • pandabear7413,

    Yup, it makes sense.

    Here's the thing, the people who build C3 aren't nearly as OCD as those of us who use it (;

    There isn't a way to set the column spacing in the way you're describing it, sorry. I don't think they'll change it because many times we need different column spacing on different event sheets.

    But if it helps, you're not alone. I am constantly changing my column spacing .... and don't get me going on the "tabs". In this forum somewhere there is a thread all about how the "Tabs" work. Some of us are very particular about our workspace setup. lol

  • Thanks for the feedback. I remember that Tabs thread and I believe I chimed in a time or two on it. C3 remembers how my event sheet columns are sized, so it seems like it should be possible to apply that same sizing to other event sheets. Maybe I'll put in a request...

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